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family photography bristol, Tetbury, Cheltenham, Gloucester & Bath


About Little Wild Ones



These days, what I love doing the absolute most, is hanging out with small humans in nature. Creating images that are natural, fun and full of love.

Most of my career was spent specialising in fashion, lifestyle and art direction, which was not very conducive with having a family life, hence 'Little Wild Ones' was created!

I truly feel, having had a baby, that I'd rather hang out with hungry kids than with hungry models.

Making people happy is what I enjoy the most. It is so lovely when families see themselves from a different perspective. Time passes quickly and having photos to remember by, is simply just the best!

I love coming up with new ideas, always aiming to bring love and life to everything I do. Each photo is considered, cared for and lovingly edited…just enough, never too much. I really truly care about what we create here, and the people we meet along the way. I hope it shows?


If you must know more...then feel free to read on!

I was a feral child...to say the least. Quite frankly...I am happy to still be alive!

My mother and I travelled lots…we lived in crazy, strange and wonderful lands. My life was full of adventure. I grew up in wild hippie-communes and ashrams all over the world. From the wild, buzzing, hot-sticky jewel of my heart that is India...to running around Ibiza as a child in the1980's...going on adventures with other kids, whose parents were off finding themselves. I was mainly, holding on for dear life on the back of mopeds, often driven by 12 year olds.


Here me in my traditional ‘Dirndl’ dress that I wore when I was still sweet and innocent, living in the south of Germany…one side to me for sure…and below, the other side.

little wild one.jpg

Check out the 80’ vibes (of my poor worn out relatives). This was just before I moved to India with my wild & beautiful mama ( she’s wearing the turquoise leopard print trousers, below)


Above, me in an Ashram in India, 1986, being given the name Shikha…(meaning flames of love).

I remember this so well. Everyone is laughing because I kept on looking at the wise man’s hands instead of his lovely face.

I travelled across countries by myself before I was barely 9 years old and have witnessed beginnings and ends. Having grown up in the big wide world, being raised by many, not just a few, has given me the opportunity to meet thousands of interesting and illuminating people, from all walks of life. I see inspiration everywhere…even in a car park in some dodgy area… I am always like ‘oh look at that bush or tree or pool of light’, which can be a teeny bit annoying when leaving Ikea and everyone is less enthused than my usual self.

To do this work, is to love people. We all have ‘stuff’ going on, when you have your photo taken, I basically navigate through the distractions. Wanting to shine a light into those places that we sometimes forget are even there. I guess I am more of a psychologist than a photographer. Most of my clients say that I have captured them in a way that they see what they most love about themselves and each other. This is what I live for. The tricky part is saying to people is’ book me...this is amazing’ as most of us, usually don’t really like having our photo taken. Which I completely understand. I believe having the opportunity for someone to document a part of your lives, is so very special and I grateful for being let in. And of course, I absolutely believe in documenting childhood and life . in a way that I would want my own family portraits to be.


I am one-part daughter of an olive oil producer from Crete, the other my mama’s side, the descendant of large and strong women from a quaint teeny-tiny village, in southern Germany (where time may have stood still). There, I'd fetch milk in large cans and rode on dogs, swam in lakes and in rivers that wound themselves around our farm house. Where I lived with my nan Irml, whom I loved very much providing warmth, a slow pace of life and a well needed routine. I skipped, shlepped and hopped all over the globe and then when I needed to get an education and living in India for the rest of my life didn’t seem like a good idea, i eventually ended up in England, Devon… in an awesome hippie school/commune.

Here our school photo below…1987’. Crazy-fun-scary-Wild-sometimes lonely- always adventurous, certainly an experimental hippy situation!


I loved this place so much. In was a mixture of crazy, idyllic and in the middle of nowhere…surrounded by hills and lush nature…and some poor local villagers who wanted to know why a 7 year old, tiny girl speaks like Eddie Murphy with a German accent(yep, my education consisted of watching American Videos with cool guys kicking butt).

Although, just small children, we didn’t really have any rules as such, so basically we just learnt how to live with each other. I think I learnt how to cook a 5 course meal by the time I was 7 years old. I could also spit very far and I had a sharp tongue that would get me into trouble. I was probably just acting out because I was feral and probably a bit lonely at times. Also looking back now, I think I was very tired because I didn’t have a bedtime. We’d have food fights with jelly, have long meetings in the morning, singing ‘yellow submarine’, meditated, painted, watched 80’s films in a huge snuggle pit of 150 kids.

Although I loved this amazing place, I don’t think I could put my son in a boarding school abroad...ok a better word for it would be a kids commune.

Eventually the school grew and so did I. I slept, ate and played with lots of children in a big house in the lush English countryside…running wild & feeling free and in no hurry to be anything but a kid. This was probably why I didn’t learn to read until I was 12 years old. I always preferred building dens, getting hench (to beat up boys) and to be completely honest, I basically thought I was a ninja!

The guy in the right hand bottom corner, Anu, taught me how to take photos. We’d listen to David Bowie and I’d help him process photos in the dark room. He was a true inspiration and probably one of the reasons I became a photographer.

For now at least...I am again nestled into little old Blighty!

Well, there is lots more to tell…but life is long and time is short…so maybe more stories for another time?… Or is life short and so am I? Or was it the days are long the years are short?

Why I love taking photos, how long I have been doing it for and why have me document your family?

I have been capturing life as I see it since I am 6 years old (Yep I have been taking photos for 33 years now).

Having had great teachers has led me to becoming a lecturer too. I enjoy this part of my working life tremendously and I have hopefully inspired lots of people to become photographers. I absolutely love learning all there is about photography!

The thing that is so great about teaching, is that when you teach you learn so much yourself. And after 5000+ or so photo-shoots, I can say that there is always still plenty more to learn.

First of all, photos just make me feel so flipping happy! They give my life joy, comfort in sad times and remind me to stay present.

Mainly though, my little son gets to grow up with photos of our adventures, sees his face changing and knows that he is welcome in this family. Life has it’s ups and downs and I like to see photos around me that make me feel rooted…as sometimes I tend to get too absorbed in my work or worse find things to keep me occupied...like my vegetable garden…measuring the beans a while back and seriously considered entering a legume competition.

I think being a parent has been the single most life changing thing in my life. I love children so much (even the sneaky ones) and I am sure I am learning more from them, then they from me.

My partner Tim is a painter and our household is crazy! But luckily we work from our beautiful studio in clifton village. 

Given my story so far...it's refreshing to know that life is full of surprises.

Love Shiks…maybe see you soonly!





children's photography Bristol


children's photography Bristol


The little Wild ones gang consists of:

Sarah, who is a medical doctor (oncologist). She has been lead astray (So sorry NHS!) by 'Little Wild Ones'. She is super talented (completely over qualified) and passionate person! Her style is almost gothic and her photos depict beautiful narratives. (Sarah took some photos of my son a little while ago and my partner cried looking at the photos! Actual tears. That's how amazing she is!)

Then there is the lovely, (and very attractive) Jodie!  Who is helping us with bookings. She is a fun person to hang out with! I photographed her family a few years ago. So, Jodie has been in front of the camera and loved it! She too has two children who are absolutely ....well, intelligent...bright, funny, honest and fast-witted... just like their mama :) 



Come and hang out and book a session with us. If I am honest what you get with our sessions should be costing like 10 x more..I know because I have been around the block...a few times.

Love Shiks, Sarah and Jodie